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School Trip in Forest

Outdoor Education:
School Groups 

Our outdoor education programs are tailored to needs of the school. Camps can be focused on curriculum components, teamworks, resilience, leadership or any other focus area. We love to partner with you to achieve your camp goals. For example, programs can focus on group interaction where students are encouraged to show personal initiative and leadership in well planned, challenging outdoor activities.
Alternatively, students can be encouraged to observe and improve their understanding of the natural processes which are occurring around them. The outstanding natural beauty of the Tweed Caldera invites investigation.

What to Know

Planning your school camp



Accommodation rooms, function room, meeting and media rooms are a major advantage of Tyalgum Ridge Retreat allowing programs for all-weather conditions.

Tyalgum Ridge Retreat has over 30 accommodation rooms with approx. 190 beds, with additional capacity for up to 220 people.

The main accommodation building has 3 floors , with each floor having a number of bunk rooms and a number of smaller double rooms to accommodate teachers.


Outdoor education programs are designed specifically for each school. All ages, grades and abilities can be catered for. Day programs, overnight camp outs or residential programs. 

Outdoor activities are run in small groups approx. 20 students with at least 1 teacher or adult supervisor per group. Tyalgum Ridge provides 1 or 2 instructors per group to run the outdoor education activities. 


Arrival & Departure

Arrival and Departure times are flexible and arranged upon booking- however, most schools arrive on site at approx. 10:30am and depart approx. 1:00pm on departure day. 

NOTE: Daylight Savings. Tyalgum Ridge Retreat operates on NSW times only. When designing your program please ensure that meal and activity times are adjusted for NSW times. Arrival and departure times should also allow for daylight saving times.

Food & Drink

Times for meals are as follows :
B/fast 7.30am; Morning Tea 10.30am; Lunch 1.00pm; Afternoon Tea 4.00pm; Dinner 6.00pm
Alternate times can be arranged for specific programs, but require fair notice and late dinner times may have an additional staffing charge.  
Menus can be designed specifically for your group. A range of menu selections and prices for special occasions is available.

So that we are able to cater for individuals with special dietary needs, our dietary requirements attachment needs to be returned to us two weeks prior to arrival. 

Tea and coffee facilities are available 24 hrs in the BBQ area.

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