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Leaders Information

To assist you with your booking- please request a Leaders booklet this contains all of the relevant information and forms you need for your schools booking.

Please take note of the form return timeline.  

If there is anything we can do to assist do not hesitate to contact our team.  



SUPERVISION- Visiting staff are responsible for the general supervision of students at all time. Supervision is particularly important during free time. Please ensure students and staff are on time for activities and meals.
NIGHT ACTIVITIES- Night activities are the responsibility of visiting school and staff. However, night staff and activities can be arranged at an additional cost. You are welcome to use the Auditorium for movies, games etc.


AV EQUIPMENT- our site has a projector and portable speaker/microphone for use in the auditorium. Please let us know if you would like to use this equipment during your stay. The projector has a HDMI connection. If your device does not have a HDMI connection, please bring a suitable adaptor. A DVD player and range of DVDs (suitable for children) are available for use.

ROOMS- Teachers are required to carry out inspections of rooms on the last day to ensure they are clean and tidy. Before departing, rooms and beds are to be left as they were found- pillow in place and blankets folded neatly. All luggage can be placed in the luggage racks as the bus pick up area.
WIFI- WIFI is not available in our guest area. Please contact our manager if you have an urgent need for internet connection. 


TELEPHONE- Unfortunately some mobile phone carriers do not have full coverage in this area. The Telstra network has full coverage (telstra, boost, aldi etc.)- other networks are limited. If required our office number is 0474654501.
EMERGENCIES- Should an emergency occur in the evening please contact the Tyalgum Ridge staff member. It is important to let Tyalgum Ridge staff know if you are leaving the property for emergency reasons.

TEACHER PARTICIPATION- For activities it is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure students are behaving safely and in an appropriate manner, listening and follow all instructions given by instructors. Active supervision is required at all times. Teacher participation in activities is most welcome. For many activities it is essential that a fit and willing teacher is prepared to assist our instructor in supervision.

DIETARY REQUIREMENTS and MEDICAL ALERTS- If the dietary information is not provided 1 week prior to camp we cannot guarantee to have meals for those individuals with special dietary needs, however we will do our very best to cater with what we have available.

WET WEATHER- Our Philosophy is to continue regardless of the weather so long as safety is not jeopardized. If our Program Director chooses to alter the program due to inclement wet weather, alternative activities will be implemented.

BEFORE ARRIVAL AT TYALGUM RIDGE- ensure you numbers are communicated, program checked, arrange transport to and from Tyalgum Ridge keeping in mind that NSW is on daylight savings time during Summer. Prior to arrival- please ensure all students rooming groups and activity groups are finalised and communicated to students. 

Unload buses in the carpark outside main building complex. Students to gather in BBQ area or Auditorium for orientation talk- our staff will guide you.  Take bags to rooms and organise everything they need for their first activity.  Students and staff meet at BBQ area for Lunch and then start first activity.

FREE TIME/SPORTS EQUIPMENT- Schools are responsible for Free Time supervision and for bringing any equipment for this time ie. balls, nets, games. The pool area is available at this time but must be supervised by teaching staff. 

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