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Tyalgum Ridge Retreat offers a wide range of activities for school groups in organised outdoor camps or for social or corporate groups on weekend or extended stays.


A large variety of activities are offered at Tyalgum Ridge Retreat- these include, bushwalking, rock hopping, catapult building, orienteering, canoeing, high and low ropes, flying fox, group initiative activities, mountain bikes, bmx bikes, overnight bush camps, bushfire cooking, map reading, navigation exercises, archery, raft building. Detailed outline below.

animal feeding

swimming pool, tennis court area, large oval- two full size rugby fields.

pool table, table tennis, chess table, board games.

sound system, data projector, movies, bushdancing.

snake and reptile shows,

Trivia, games nights, team challenge, night walks.

We have a great range of outdoor activities that will challenge, stimulate and expand your horizons!

Low / High Ropes + Flying Fox
A series of challenges designed and installed by Project Adventure to provide students in a controlled environment the opportunity to challenge their emotional, physical and mental boundaries with a variety of elements 10 meters high. Students are always safely harnessed and only challenge themselves within their own ability.

Mountain / BMX Bikes
Led by outdoor education instructors, students are able to challenge themselves physically and within a group riding within the spectacular location of the Mt Warning Caldera.

Qualified and experienced staff lead the canoeing / kayaking activity in a large dam on Tyalgum Ridge property. This activity allows students to learn basic paddling techniques and other skills required for more adventurous canoeing trips on rivers and lakes.

Staff teach the techniques and use of recurve bows. Students enjoy learning the technique of archery and then working towards hitting targets. This activity can be run independently or combined with another activity within a 2hr activity rotation.

Catapult Building
This activity teaches students about team work, perseverance and leadership. Students work in small groups to build giant functional catapults.

Creek Watch
This activity teaches students the importance of water within our environment. Students catch water bugs to determine how clean the water is by what lives in the water.

Camp Skills
Enables students to learn the important points about camping within a 2 or 3 hour session. Students learn how to put up tents and light fires. Billy Tea and Damper can be included.

Camp Out Programs
Programs for camping students within our property or mobile camping to other areas around the Tweed Caldera. This activity provides hands on learning for both camping and cooking skills on fires

This activity is guided walk to a waterfall on the boundary of the Tyalgum Ridge and the Border Ranges National Park. Students work as a team to ensure safety of the group while taking in all the splendours of the rainforest and four other National Parks that can be seen within the Mt Warning Caldera.

Animal Feeding
Tyalgum Ridge Retreat has a variety of farm animals and native animals that have been living in and around the property for many years. These include: cows, sheep, donkeys, horses, chickens, alpacas, native birds and miniature pigs and goats. New additions to Tyalgum Ridge include animal enclosures so students are able pat and feed animals within a safe environment.

Rock Hopping
Students have the opportunity to explore the pristine creeks surrounded by rainforest located within Tyalgum Ridge Retreat. Gemstones and crystals can be found in this spring fed waterway with a volcanic past.

Bush Detective
Students are taught to use their senses to learn about all the information that native animals leave behind in their scats(animal droppings) and tracks. Bush tucker plants are also identified in this activity.

Group Initiative
A series of non-competitive games designed to encourage trust, co-operation and group initiative in a fun and challenging way. This activity is an important prelude to the Low/High rope course.

Walking Trails
The Retreat has many marked walking trails both around the property and into the rainforest.
These walks range from easy 30 minute strolls to difficult 5 hour hikes into the surrounding escarpment. Overnight walks are possible with remote camping and bush cooking on open fires.

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